One of our primary goals is to educate our policyholders and future policyholders' basic terms for auto insurance. Your bodily injury and property damage liability limits are very important to understand. In today's litigous society the amount of money that is being rewarded due to auto accidents are drastically increasing.


One of your biggest investments, we strive to insure your home properly because in the event of a loss, we do not want to find out your house is underinsured. Many homeowners tend to think about insuring their home on a market value basis. What we are after is to insure their homes on a replacement cost basis. However, there is the option to insure a home on an actual cash value basis.


This is the most cost effective way to insure your contents if you are a renter. The majority of renters in the area are not familiar with this very simply policy with limited price. Tenants believe that their landlords are responsible for a loss to their contents. A basic tenant policy will protect them from a fire, theft, and other covered losses. There are many examples of how a tenant policy can protect you with minimal cost.


The average person does not fully understand the need of life insurance as well as the need to have it for a family. Many parents think they have enough life insurance at work. Life insurance is a way to protect your family in an untimely death. One of the advantages of life insurance is that the death benefit is tax free. The two main types of life insurance: Whole life which builds a cash value and term insurance which stays level for a specific period of time. Don't wait until something happens and take action now.


This is a very complex policy that includes property, general liability, workers compensation and commercial automobile. There are many factors and classes that are used to rate different businesses. Even if you have commercial insurance it is important to review them carefully. Make sure there are no 'gaps' in coverage. If you are interested in a commercial quote, we like to have at least 60 days to quote a commercial account.


Farms create a different need of insurance rather than your typical homeowner's policy. Farms have many buildings to insure as well as a home that is being occupied. Farms create a separate need of insuring many types of equipment and vehicles to maintain the farm. Farm animals are also able to be insured by accidental property damage or other types of losses.


With the cost of health insuring skyrocketing in the US, health insurance is very important to people who are in need of it. We do offer health insurance and there are many plans available to purchase for exactly the type of coverage you may desire such as prescription drugs, medical exams, and other types of coverage.